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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it necessary for my jewelry need to be in good condition?

  • Rings necklaces, earrings, brooches, bracelets, rings and estate jewelry have value for the Diamonds, Gold and or other colored stones.
  • The jewelry can still be appraised, evaluated, bought and sold. The condition of the jewelry doesn't need to be in a perfect form. 
  • Certain jewelry can be assessed at much higher values depending on the prestigious reputable companies such as; Harry Winston, Tiffany, Cartier, David Web or David Yurman.  

Is it possible to know how much my jewelry is worth? 

  • To know the real value of what you have, it's best to take it to an experienced firm that has a Diamond Gemologist who has been educated by the Gemological Institute of America.
  • If the jewelry consist of just gold and isn't hallmarked with a prestigious reputable jewelry company, it'll be bought for its gold value. Although Gold prices fluctuate daily, they're at a current all time high.

What are the steps in selling my fine jewelry? 

  • The first step in selling your jewelry is to contact us and make an appointment. Our time slots for an appointment typically does get filled up. So it is important that you secure a time to get your appointment started.
  • Once your articles have been properly evaluated at one of our private offices, we can give you an offer based upon market conditions and in connection with our international partners. 
  • There is no obligation and our offer is risk fee at no cost to you.  

What are your fees? 

  • There are absolutely no fees or surcharges with our service which makes us tremendously easy to work with. 

Why come to you when I can go to the Diamond District?

  • We strictly observe a no hassle or hustle policy. If you want to be treated fairly and honestly we take measures to ensure that you get the highest possible value for your jewels on a transparent level. Our offers are risk free and there is no obligation to sell us your jewelry. There is also major convenience as we have validated, on premises parking so you're not tangled in a web of complications.

Jewelry stores, pawn shops and hotel parties? 

  • We get questions all the time on what sets you apart from other channels of selling jewelry. And the answers to these questions are quite simple. Pawn shops are typically run of the mill shops that offer you a set per carat price on your diamonds by an inexperienced employee who goes by "off the chart" guidelines. They typically aren't trained workers, who test diamonds to see if they are real by a thermal pen and give you, well basically pawn shop prices. In fact, the gold that you are typically "pawning" to them are exchanged for pennies on the dollar in hopes of you never returning and guzzling the funds. 
  • Jewelry stores have their own way of doing business. Perhaps you take the same diamond ring you bought from them and decide you needed funds to pay off a house, you have better chances winning the lottery than getting the same price you paid. This is because of the simple fact that jewelry stores have rent, overhead and red carpet treatment they have to pay for. There are many expenses on the upkeep of a nicely refined retail store. Therefore the price that is offered will be substantially low.  
  • Hotel parties speak for themselves. They too give penny on the dollar rates on your gold and diamonds. They are almost always questionable as their very existence are here today and gone tomorrow.