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Carat is the easiest of the Four C's to explain. It is basically a unit of measure of the total mass of a diamond. T.C.W. is a phrase used to describe the total mass of diamonds in an article of jewelry.  


Like there are no two same fingerprints in this world nor is there two of the same diamonds. It takes millions of years for nature to produce a gem quality diamond. Within this time it is inevitable for nature to leave her mark in a diamond. Clarity simply put, are the internal characteristics of a diamond. 


There are a whole spectrum of colors amongst the family of diamonds. Orange, red, pink and even green are the few different colors you can see in a diamond. Typically when discussing color, it is the tint that the diamond possesses.  


The cut of the diamond refers to the craftsmanship and design of creating a  gem quality diamond out of a mined rough. It consists of the polish and shape that the polisher took to create the final product.